Patron: Jonathan Sinclair LVO
British High Commissioner to New Zealand

Welcome to the Victoria League Canterbury

Victoria League Canterbury is a society for the promotion and understanding of the British Commonwealth. It holds meetings and social functions for its members and friends. In particular, Victoria League Canterbury welcomes visitors from other Victoria Leagues around New Zealand and overseas. For more information about activities, click here.

Victoria League Canterbury is interested in assisting those who either intend to further their studies in London or carry out research that will tell us more about ourselves and our place in the Commonwealth. To this end, Victoria League Canterbury offers modest grants-in-aid in these two areas. For information about the grants-in-aid and the way to apply, click here.

The Victoria League was founded in London in April 1901 and Victoria League Canterbury was founded in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1910 – a little over nine years following the death of Queen Victoria. For more information about the Victoria League Canterbury, click here.

Victoria League Canterbury is always looking to welcome new members. For a membership application form, click here.

We are developing a page of resources; keep checking the page to see what’s new.

100 years Centenary 1910-2010

On 9 May 2010 – the first Sunday after 4 May – Victoria League Canterbury celebrated its first 100 years of service to the community with a luncheon at Te Koraha – now part of Rangi Ruru Girls’ School, Hewitts Road, Christchurch – where the first meeting of Victoria League Canterbury was held on 4 May 1910. Meetings of the Victoria League Canterbury were held in a number of venues until 1953 when it became a part owner of Elizabeth House in Circuit Street. In early 2005, Elizabeth House was sold and Victoria League Canterbury received a quarter share. Nowadays, Victoria League Canterbury meets monthly, has set up a ‘Victoria Fund’, subsidises functions for its members, and makes grants-in-aid for research and study in Commonwealth countries, half subsidises accommodation at Victoria League Student Hostel, London, and makes donations to charities who carry out activities that are relevant to the League’s objectives.​